1. The Binding Third
    "A" Trio

  2. Folk
    "A" Trio

  3. Döner Kebab
    Axel Dörner & Mazen Kerbaj

  4. Recoil/Relent
    Sharif Sehnaoui

  5. Neowise
    Gestalt Et Jive

  6. AAMM
    "A" Trio & AMM

  7. It's Good To Die Every Now And Then
    Tony Elieh

  8. Nashaz
    Andrea Neumann, Sharif Sehnaoui, Michael Thieke & Michael Vorfeld

  9. Ariha Brass Quartet
    Axel Dörner, Franz Hautzinger, Mazen Kerbaj & Carl Ludwig Hübsch

  10. Trace
    Mike Cooper & Chris Abrahams

  11. It Ended Up Being A Great Day, Mr. Allende
    Charbel Haber

  12. Gestalt Et Death
    Dead Country & Alfred 23 Harth

  13. Music To Our Ears
    "A" Trio

  14. Stockholm Syndrome
    Spill [Magda Mayas & Tony Buck]

  15. Bricolage
    Muta [Alessandra Rombolà, Rhodri Davies & Ingar Zach]

  16. Radio Paradise: Mike Cooper In Beirut [Johnny Kafta's Kids Menu Limited Series]
    Mike Cooper

  17. Beach Party At Mirna El Chalouhi [Johnny Kafta's Kids Menu Limited Series]
    Scrambled Eggs & "A" Trio

  18. Scrambled Eggs & Friends [Johnny Kafta's Kids Menu Limited Series]
    Scrambled Eggs

  19. Old And New Acoustics
    Sharif Sehnaoui

  20. A Church Is Only Sacred To Believers
    Nicholas Christian, Matt Milton, Eddie Prévost & Bechir Saadé

  21. Much Remains To Be Heard
    Stéphane Rives

  22. Shortwave
    Christine Abdelnour & Michel Waisvisz

  23. Cedarhead
    Michael Zerang

  24. Studio One
    Mawja [Michael Bullock, Mazen Kerbaj & Vic Rawlings]

  25. Cloister
    Tom Chant & Sharif Sehnaoui

  26. The Adventures Of Nabil Fawzi
    Gene Coleman & Raed Yassin

  27. Live In Beirut
    Peter Brötzmann & Michael Zerang

  28. Boustros Sessions
    Rouba3i5 [Christine Abdelnour, Mazen Kerbaj, Sharif Sehnaoui & Ingar Zach]

    Mazen Kerbaj


Al Maslakh Records Beirut, Lebanon

Al Maslakh is a UFO created in Beirut in the early 2000's, to publish the un-publishable from Lebanon's experimental music scene and beyond.

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